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How to Increase Views on YouTube Videos?

Increase Views on YouTube Videos

Are you looking for ways to get more views on YouTube videos? Of course, you are. If you have talent, and your own content, why wouldn’t you want to show it off?

YouTube is the world’s second most visited website with over 1 billion hours of watch time every day. More than two billion people use it every month — which is one-third of all internet users. Isn’t that crazy?

What Are The Effective Ways To Increase Views On Youtube Videos?

Everyone wants their content, they put their blood and sweat in, to be considered. Below are the most effective ways to increase your YouTube videos views. So let’s get those views rolling with the below-mentioned tips!

  • Create Engaging Content

It won’t matter how many hacks you use if your videos aren’t good. So how can you create engaging content that will get more views on YouTube videos? Well, one of the most effective ways is to create ‘how to’ videos. Simply identify what your ideal customers most want to know, and then create videos that fulfil their needs. Even if you can not figure it out on your own, ask your viewers what they want to see.

Bottom line: Consistently create content that meets the needs of your audience. It’s an effective way to develop a loyal community of audience and get more views on YouTube videos.

  • Write Catchy Titles

YouTube is all about presentation, you have to present your video as a must-see to grab the attention of maximum viewers.

Titles have a major share in your video’s performance.

Titles can prove to be win-or-bust for YouTube videos. People crave content that’s entertaining and they likewise want to know what your video is about from the title itself.

  • Create Appealing Thumbnails

Believe it or not, first impression matters!

Thumbnails are the first thing most viewers look at when they stumble upon a video. So you have to make sure they are able to grab those eyeballs.

YouTube snags a screenshot from any given video and uses it for the thumbnail but sometimes the image it captures might be a blurry shot of your video.

Not a satisfactory impression, if you ask us!

Creating thumbnails on your own not only makes your videos look more attractive but gives a sense of professionalism too.

  • Engage with your Viewers and Encourage them to give Feedbacks

Like any other social networking platform, YouTube also needs engagement from your viewers. YouTube represents a community where users engage via likes and comments.

Ask your viewers to give feedback on your video, ask them to like and comment. If possible, ask a question in your video and tell your viewers to drop their answers in the comment section.

You, on the other hand, engage with your viewers by liking their comments, pinning the top comments and if possible, responding to some comments.

Any sort of interaction with your audience is regarded as a positive signal by the YouTube algorithm. So take a crack at it, and you’ll be astonished by the wonders it may bring.

  • Optimize your Video for Greater Visibility

YouTube ranks second in the list of the largest search engines in the world, the first being google. So just like in Google, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matters on YouTube too.

Below are some great practices you’ll want to follow for YouTube SEO to increase your chances of visibility:

  • Including target keywords in your titles and descriptions and saying these keywords in your videos might be a helpful tool for YouTube to get a better understanding of your uploaded content.
  • Use categories to help YouTube get a better understanding of the audience it selects for you.
  • You can also add tags to your videos to give YouTube more clues about your content.

It is to keep in mind that target keywords must be related to your content. Misleading your viewers will only result in a penalty.

  • Create a Playlist to Keep your Content Organized

Why do you need playlists and do they help in getting more videos views? Yes, they do. The more videos you create, the more difficult it brings to navigate through your channel. This is why playlists hold certain importance.

Also, Playlist works on autoplay, and it takes effort to stop watching the videos that you’re enjoying. This will assist you to gain more videos views. 

So make sure you have playlists in your channel because all accomplished creators have!

  • Keep your Videos Embedding Enable

Imagine spending sleepless nights and restless days to create awesome content and viewers can’t even share it in their blogs and websites because, alas! You forgot to enable the embedding option.

Allowing viewers to embed your video on their blogs, websites etc. is an effective way for your channel to reach new audiences and get more videos views on YouTube.

  • Promote your Video on other Social Media Platforms

Use your social media handles to squeeze out maximum benefits for your YouTube channel. If you have friends and followers on other social media, let them know each time you upload a video on YouTube.

A good way to do it is by creating a snippet of your content and sharing it with your audience. Also, put the link of your new content whenever you upload it on YouTube and add a quirky caption with it.

This practice will surely keep your views coming.

  • Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaborating with other creators of the same genre of content as yours is a great way to gain new viewers and subscribers.

Each time you collaborate with a creator, you’ll be exposed to a new audience and those new viewers might subscribe to your channel as well since you’re working with a content creator they’re already a fan of.

Also, maintaining close relationships with these creators might benefit you as they might share your content with their viewers if you do the same.

  • Cross-Promote your Own Content on YouTube

Try to promote your previous content in your new videos. It’ll hit two targets with one arrow.

For example, you can drop links in the description of the videos relatable to your current video. You can suggest your own videos in the suggestion bar. You can add your previous videos to the end screen.

All these tactics are simple yet effective in engaging your audience.

  • Hop on the Trends

People love trends! So Make sure to keep your content in sync with what’s trending.

Being up-to-date about the things happening in the world will keep your channel growing. People often search for things that are going viral and are in trend, so making videos about the same will lead to more exposure to your content.

Are You All Set To Grow Your Youtube Channel?

Now you have all the required tips and tricks to grow your channel. Growing a YouTube channel won’t happen overnight. So You have to be consistent and follow the given tips because it’s now or never!

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