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How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View in India?

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View in India

YouTube has over 2.3 billion users worldwide and is expected to generate $19.7 billion in 2020, up 30.4 percent from the previous year. A popular children’s YouTube channel, Ryans World earned $29.5 million in 2020. But the question you’re looking for is how much money YouTubers make in India or anywhere else on the globe. Over the previous three years, YouTube has paid roughly $30 billion to creators, artists, and media organizations. In 2019, T-Series became the first YouTube channel to exceed 100 million subscribers. Few YouTubers have subsequently surpassed the amount that many creators thought was unattainable.

The outbreak has only increased YouTube’s development in India. Whatsapp was the dominating platform in India before the outbreak, but the stats now show a different story. According to App Annie data, YouTube had 425 million monthly active users in December 2020, while Whatsapp came in second with 422 million. Let’s go over the fundamentals for those unfamiliar with the issue before we get into how much money you can make on YouTube and how the YouTube Money Calculator may help you figure out your earning potential.

How Much Does Youtube Pay Per View In Indian Rupees?

As compared to other countries, YouTube pays less in India. Thus, making per view calculation is negligible. We’re looking at youtube pay per 100 views as discussed below in the table:

Category USD Indian Rupee
Music 0.07 5.09
Gaming 0.08 5.81
Sports 0.09 6.54
Comedy 0.09 6.64
Education 0.08 5.81
People & Blogs 0.07 5.09
Entertainment 0.1 7.27
Howto & Style 0.1 7.27
Film & Animation 0.11 8
Science & Technology 0.15 10.9

This money range can decrease or increase depending on time, Ads, Ads Clicks, CPC, RPM, and more.

How Can I Make Money On Youtube In India?

You may make money on YouTube by joining the Youtube Partners Program. YouTube offers advertising revenue, channel memberships, super chats, and awesome stickers. Channel subscriptions help artists monetize their channels. If you qualify, youspecializationShorts incentives as part of the YouTube Shorts Fund.

The Youtube Shorts Fund is a $100 million fund established to reward producers for their devotion to creating unique, original Shorts that thrill the YouTube community. Currently, only creators from certain countries are eligible for the fund, but we expect YouTube will soon expand to more nations. To be considered for the Youtube partner program, you must have a YouTube channel with at least 4,000 legitimate public view hours in the last 12 months and more than 10,000 followers. So, let’s delve a little more into how YouTube producers make money.

  • Advertisement Revenue: Advertisement revenue is earned by YouTubers when people view display, overlay, or video adverts on their channel. On average, between $3 and $5 per thousand video views are earned by YouTubers.
  • Channel Memberships: Your members pay a monthly recurring fee in exchange for the exclusive benefits you provide.
  • Super Chats and Super Stickers: You may charge your subscribers to show their messages in conversation streams.
  • Merch Shelf: Your subscribers may browse and buy genuine branded items shown on your watch pages.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: When a YouTube Premium user views your video, you will receive a percentage of their subscription money.

YouTube’s advertising income fluctuates depending on where you acquire your video views. Assume that most video views originate from India; your video might earn between $1.5 and $3 per thousand video views. However, if your visitors are from the United States, your video might earn between $2 and $4 per thousand video views.

Again, several things influence this statistic, such as the kind of your material, the audience you’re aiming for, how frequently you publish stuff, and so on. As a result, relying solely on CPM estimations makes it impossible to anticipate how much money you can generate on YouTube precisely. The YouTube Money Calculator we created can only provide you with an estimate of your channel’s earning potential. Global events like the pandemic also impacted Youtube profitability last year, with most YouTubers witnessing an almost 30% decline in revenue.

Money Calculator on YouTube

This YouTube Money Calculator calculates a well-recognized CPM range based on the average number of views you provide below to estimate how much money a user may make on YouTube. It should be noted that the range might vary when calculating the CPM based on traffic quality, originating nation, special kind of video, pricing of individual advertising, Adblock, real click rate, and so on.

YouTube is the dominating platform in India. Even Instagram’s entrance has barely made a difference in the platform’s popularity. The site entices all TikTok producers who lost their following when the app was banned in the nation, with efforts like the newly announced $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund. As the platform’s user population hits 500 million, creative revenue and discovery will reach saturation. However, if Google’s revenue numbers ($1 billion in India last year) are any indication, the platform appears unstoppable.

The YouTube Money Calculator, in our opinion, is a good place to begin evaluating your income potential. Whether you are an active YouTuber or considering starting your own YouTube channel. However, at its foundation, YouTube creation is all about strong narrative and consistency.


Every YouTuber earns a different sum for every 1,000 views. YouTube now pays between $6 and $80 per thousand views, depending on your specialization. The key takeaway is to begin the process. To make your YouTube content monetizable. If you are creative, you should start filming films of anything you work on. The range per 1000 views in India is modest and vast, yet it doesn’t stop innovators from generating a fortune. Discover your speciality and begin developing. I’ll send you my warmest wishes. I hope that any or all of the information presented here is useful to you.

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