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How Much Does YouTube Pay for 10000 Views In India?

Its headquarters in San Bruno, California, YouTube is a social networking and online video-sharing website. On February 14, 2005, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim released it. It is currently owned by Google and ranked second in traffic behind Google Search. YouTube is used by more than 2.5 billion people each month, who watch more than 1 billion hours of video. By May 2019, about 500 hours of video content were submitted every minute.

Giving everyone a voice and exposing them to the world is the goal of YouTube. According to YouTube, everyone should have a voice, and when we listen, share, and create communities through our stories, the world is better. You may view millions of videos on YouTube Premium without being interrupted by advertising before, during, or after the video, including those that appear as overlays. Third-party banners and search advertisements won’t be displayed either. You may view millions of videos on YouTube Premium without being interrupted by advertising before, during, or after the video, including those that appear as overlays. Third-party banners and search advertisements won’t be displayed either.

It’s still possible to view branding or advertisements inserted or made possible by the content’s originator, as well as links, shelves, and other elements in and around the material that promote products. These buttons, frames, and features could be for their website, products, channel memberships, event tickets, or other relevant websites they are advertising. When you aren’t online, download playlists and videos to watch them offline. If the YouTube and YouTube Music apps are accessible in your area and you are signed in with your YouTube Premium account, you can download videos to watch offline using these apps (and watch automatically downloaded videos on the YouTube Kids app). Play videos on your smartphone while it’s off or while using other apps. When logged in with your YouTube Premium membership account, background play is available on the YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids mobile applications (if these apps are accessible in your area). Watch every YouTube Originals show or movie as soon as it airs for free from some of YouTube’s top creators.


How much does YouTube make per view?

YouTube pays a set sum for each watch, although creators may not always make that much money individually. YouTubers get compensated according to the number of views they receive and the origin of their audience. The precise pay-per-view cost cannot be determined because viewers come from various nations and areas. According to estimates, YouTube pays, on average, between $0.23 and $0.39 for each watch.

10K YT Pay In India

YouTube Earnings on 10K View Count


How can I get paid on YouTube?

The YouTube partner program and how it functions should be familiar to you if you’ve been considering how to monetize your YouTube channel. Unless a content provider is admitted into the YouTube partner program, YouTube does not permit them to monetize their videos. Advertising-Based Income. A YouTuber receives money from advertising whenever someone watches display overlay or video adverts on their channel.

Indian YouTubers’ Monthly Income: You can make money on YouTube depending on several factors. Producers of videos get paid per click on the banner and in-video advertisements. As a result, you might get $7,608 if you receive 10,000 views. The chart below indicates how much money your video might make based on how many ideas it receives. The research also contrasts the earnings of US and Indian creators. As previously mentioned, as a creator, several elements come into play, including the niche of the video, its duration (longer videos frequently feature at least two adverts), and the audience’s source.

YouTube views Estimated income in dollars Estimated income in rupees
10k views $50 to $80 Rs. 200 to Rs. 500
100k views $500 to $2500 Rs. 2000   to Rs. 5000
1 million views $3400 to $40000 Rs. 7000 to Rs. 30000
150 million views $80000 to $100000 Rs. 150000 to Rs. 600000

Even the introduction of Instagram reels hasn’t significantly reduced the popularity of YouTube in India. The platform is attracting all TikTok creators who lost their following when the app was banned in the nation with efforts like the just-announced $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund.

The platform will reach saturation in creative income and discovery as its user population hits 500 million. However, if Google’s revenue figures ($1 billion in India last year) are any indication, the platform appears unstoppable.

Whether you are an active YouTuber or are thinking about starting your own YouTube channel, we believe the YouTube Money Calculator is a beautiful place to start when figuring out your earning potential. But at its foundation, YouTube’s creation revolves around strong storytelling and consistency.

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