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How Much Youtube Pay For 1000 Views In India?

YouTube Pays You For 1000 Views in India

With the YouTube platform today, people all over the world are showcasing their talents. With the help of this platform, today you can not only showcase your talent. But you can earn using your talent. And there is nothing better for you than following your passion. And Usually YouTube platforms offer you that. However, earning through YouTube is not as easy as it sounds to you. You would know with such huge competition, you must know how to grab over your audience. Otherwise, you will end up losing your audience to the other channels. And surely you would not want that. Furthermore, if you are new to this world. And if you are not aware of the earning system using the YouTube platform do not worry. We are trying our best to make you understand this platform and its rules with our content. Thus, make sure you read this content carefully and work on your channel harder.

How Much Youtube Pay For 1000 Views In India In Rupees?

To begin with, YouTube does not pay you only for 1000 views. Firstly you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 public hours in the last 12 months. Only then you can start monetization. Before, you could earn with a single view on your channel too. But, after some time many people started copying the big Youtubers video to earn money. As a result, YouTube introduced this new term where you can earn money only if you have the required amount of subscribers and views. Generally, you can earn 200 to 300 rupees for 1000 views in India. But this depends on many factors. Such as the advertisement you show in your videos. 

In addition to that, when you upload your video, the earnings you will get also depend on the location of your viewer. For example, if you are an Indian Youtuber and your viewer is from America you will be paid based on that country. 

How Much Money Do Youtubers Make In India?

Now, this question is one of the basic questions if you want to have a successful career on YouTube. Generally, YouTube does present you with an amazing platform to work on your passion and earn. All you need to do is entertain your audience. Usually, it takes a lot of effort to create appealing content for the audience. And to earn through YouTube you need to have at least 10,000 subscribers. Today, YouTube is going at a faster speed. This means you have a large number of competitions to compete with to have your audience and views. 

However, every channel has a different income. This merely depends on what kind of channel you own. Generally, YouTube charges advertisement fees. These fees are also based on the type of industry. For example, the AD income is much higher in industries like Web hosting, Digital marketing, Gaming, etc.

On the other hand, it is not that high for channels that have motivational videos. Thus, the answer to this question mostly depends on what kind of channel you have.

How To Earn Money On Youtube In India?

Now, earning money on YouTube is not as simple as it sounds. But YouTube does help many creators like you to grow your channel with many factors. When you use your channel right and attract the right audience. Nothing can stop you from earning your moment through your YouTube videos. Generally, these factors may include, memberships of the channel, advertisement, merch shelves, and many other things. In addition to that unlike before, today you can not only earn through your videos. But in addition to that, you can also earn through shorts, if you are good at it. Generally, if you are a creator and if you are finding ways to earn more thorough YouTube then this is your chance. The below points will surely help you in increasing your earnings.

  • Channel memberships:

Generally, this is not that common but it is surely a fast way to increase your income through your videos. Normally, you will surely earn through the number of views on your videos. But in addition to that, you can also earn by asking your audience to subscribe monthly in exchange for some perks from your channel.

  • Advertising:

Secondly, any YouTube creator receives advertisement revenue, when someone is overlapping on their channel. Similarly even on your channel if someone is displaying the advertising on your channel. You can earn through them. Generally, many Youtubers earn between 200 to 300 rupees. 

  • Using Merch

This is one of the incredible ideas to increase your income through your channel. Usually, thousands of people visit your channel and videos. So, when you start merch through your videos. Your huge number of subscribers can shop for brands shown on your videos. Thus, increasing your income. 

YouTube Per View Money Calculator

Now, if you own a YouTube channel, you must know how the money is calculated per view. Generally, many people avoid such things thinking that it is irrelevant. But if you want your channel to be successful, do not make any mistakes. Working hard is not only enough. You will need to work smart too, to achieve success with this huge competition. The YouTube money calculator helps you in understanding how much money you can earn on YouTube. This calculation widely depends on the average number of views on your channel. When you calculate CPM, it depends on many factors such as the price of advertisement, quality of traffic on your channel, niche type videos, etc.

There are certain types of calculators for calculating money per view on YouTube:

  • Projected YouTube Revenue

Generally, when you use this calculator, it shows you the range of how much amount you can earn. It shows you how much YouTube pays you per view. It is easy to use this calculator. All you need to do is move the slider left or right to set up the number of views on your videos.

  • Estimating YouTube Revenue of existing video

When you use this calculator it helps you in estimating the total amount of money earned by your specific video. To use this and to know the amount of money you can get on a particular video you need to enter a valid video URL. So that it estimates how much your video earned using YouTube monetization.

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